Terms of use

This agreement is a public offer of MATH WORLD LLC, registered at: st. Gogol, 7-60, Kanaker-Zeytun, 0069, Yerevan, Armenia (the address for sending correspondence by users is Bagrevand St., 45/7-2,0062, Yerevan, Armenia) for individuals who will accept this offer on the conditions below .

The resource (MathProblemsBank) is an online store where users can buy ready-made solutions of the required mathematical problems in digital form.

The moment of full and unconditional acceptance by a person of the terms of the user agreement is: registration on the "Resource" of the User.

All solutions that become available after payment by the User are decided and executed exclusively by the Resource team, and the property right to them passes to the User for any purpose of further use.

In the event of a claim against the Resource with an inappropriate decision, the User can contact the Resource Administration using one of the contacts listed in the "Contacts" section. The administration will consider the claim as soon as possible and, if necessary, correct the situation.


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